Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Official!

I finally paid our dues for our big marathon this spring. I hate that they cost so dang much; especially when we've got to register two of us!! I am so excited though. It's a tough course; all the hills are at the end! But it's going to be an amazing experience that I am going to relish every second of.

I haven't been able to run as much the past few weeks due to moving and being sick. Well, I guess I've only missed one run a week {and it's never been the long run} but I haven't been doing very well on cross training the other days. Now that we're more settled in I am sure that things will get into a rhythm now. I am not quite finished unpacking, down to 1-2 boxes... tedious office/scrapbook/computer stuff that I am having a hard time finding places for. I'm just glad to finally have an inkling of normalcy!!


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