Monday, March 22, 2010

Nike Women

I was exploring the Nike website, messing around with Nike+ stuff and I came across THIS page called Nike Women. I think I'm in LOVE!!!

It is so STINKIN SWEET I can't get over it!! You sign up {free of course}. You make a cute little Mini Me. You pick some workout routines and how often you want to workout. Then you simply go in and it has a series of workout video clips all organized and ready to go. You check off which ones you did. It's AWESOME!!

So now you don't have to buy a bunch of workout dvd's! You can also hook up with buddies and cheer each other on. You can join the same workout if you want. I am so excited! I love my Jillian workouts but I'm wanting variety too!!

So go check it out. Look me up. I love cool stuff like this!!


The Paxton Family said...

TOTALLY IN LOVE with that website too! Thanks so much! I'm afraid I'm really lazy when it comes to working out and I'm REALLY good at finding excuses... but my screen name is naomimae if you want to be my positive buddy :-)

Nike Trainer

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