Saturday, March 20, 2010

Feelin' Fine!

Today I had my first race of the year!! I have been anxious all week with my knee being tweaked and all. But I iced it and tried to stay off it so I was hoping that by the time this race came around that I'd be able to at least run it. My friend, Annie, let me borrow her knee strap and I am ever so grateful that she did!! I think it made a world of difference!

I went into this race without a time in my head {a first for me}. I just wanted to finish and I kept telling myself, "Run SMART". I seriously did NOT want to make this knee injury worse! I BLEW THE DOORS OFF!!! My first mile I ran in just under 7:00!! But my knee felt great! So I just ran! I think I was NEEDING a good run SO BAD! I shaved off an awesome 3:04 off my previous PR from September of last year! Final Time ~ 23:28!! Official places haven't been posted yet but we are pretty sure that I came in 9-10 overall and as the 3rd overall woman! I am THRILLED!!

Plus I won a pair of sweet new socks! I am far from 100%; but I am pretty psyched!! BOO YEAH!!


Tiffany said...

WAY TO GO! Lightening fast Les!!! Glad the knee held up.

Travis said...

You are a rock star! I'm worried that I won't be able to keep up with you pretty soon. Keep pushin it!

lisapow said...

Great time! I am sad I missed this run! CONGRATS!

Kim said...

Wow, You are amazing. I know I won't be able to keep up with you.

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