Saturday, September 12, 2009


This morning I got up bright and early and took off for a morning run. I was going by myself so I opted not to do a trail run {I wasn't in the mood to fight off bears or mountain lions}. So I decided to run the 10K course that I ran a couple months ago. It was pretty brisk this morning; I was glad to have had my sweatshirt!! It turned out to be a FABULOUS run!! It may not have been the race I was signed up to run but it would have been hard to beat this run!

At about mile 2 I was greeted by a doe; she wasn't 40 feet away from me! We just looked at each other; it was a really cool moment! Then after the turn around point I looked up into the sky and saw a hot air balloon! It was so fun to finish off the second half of the race with this postcard perfect image.

I started thinking about why I run and it's moments like this that I love. I get in the zone and just soak in my surroundings. It's an amazing feeling of peace. I was so glad that I got up and ran as if I was running a race, I ended up shaving a good 4 minutes off my last 10K PR. My watch read 56:22; almost exactly double my 5K PR!!

I'm feeling good & lovin life!!


Tiffany said...

I love runs like that! Nice time too :) I've been to your blog before, but will start following... good post on ADDOD.

Kim said...

That sounds beautiful. Don't feel bad about wearing the shirt. You still ran the race. Just your own course.

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