Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And... I'm Back In The Game

Well that was a longer hiatus than I intended!! I hope everyone made healthy choices while I was away!! As for me...

I went on a road trip to the great state of Washington for a wedding. I hate traveling; all the junk food and being cramped in a little car for hours on end isn't fun {especially with a baby in tow}. But I think I did pretty good this time. Plus I made sure to go on a big run while I was there. It was a great run too. I LOVE running when I'm on vacation. I love seeing new places and it feels so good too!

Immediately after getting home it was a mad scramble to get our house packed and move. Yet another thing I hate. We ended up eating fast food {to avoid the messy kitchen and it's quick} more than I'd like to admit. But we're practically all unpacked {I still have 4 boxes that I HAVE to get to} and we're settled and back to our routines. I didn't get as many workouts in but hefting boxes is definitely a workout!!

I've got a good 10K race coming up on Saturday. I'm EXCITED. It will be fun to see how my times have changed from my last 10K. I really want to get in another 5K this summer too but I'm not sure if I'll get to. Signing up for these races keeps me motivated; the RUSH of a good race is totally ADDICTING!! ~Wish me luck!

I did my first weigh in since before I left. Nearly a month!! I was PLEASANTLY surprised. After all the junk that has been in my system, my workouts have done their job! I feel good. I CRAVE my workouts; I NEED my workouts. I am listening to my body and giving it what it needs and in return, it's taking care of me!!! It's a FABULOUS thing... try it... you'll like it too!


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