Friday, September 18, 2009

BEEF... it's what's for dinner

Beef has a bad rap in my opinion! What's not to LOVE?!! Mmm. My mouth is watering already! I think it's like EVERYTHING else... all things in moderation right?! Besides, it just tastes SO GOOD!!!I went right to the source for this one: They had this to say:
* Beef is packed with PROTEIN! Which is essential for good health.
* American's prefer "Grain Fed" beef vs. "Grass Finished". For grain fed beef the cows are moo-ved {hehe} to a feed lot where they are fed a high energy grain diet for 3-6 months. The meat tends to be more tender and flavorful. Grass finished graze in a pasture their entire lives; the beef from which has a distinctly different flavor.
* "Prime" meat has more marbling and usually only sold to restaurants though some markets may carry it. "Choice" is the most widely available grade. "Select" has the least amount of marbling; which means leaner but less juicy.
* There are 29 cuts of beef that are government labeled "lean".
A few selecting tips:
* When selecting lean ground beef, go for 90% lean!!
* Hit the meat counter LAST.
* Make sure the packages are cold, tightly and completely wrapped. No excessive liquid.
* Beef should be a bright cherry-red. No grayish or brown spots.
* Choose meat that is firm to the touch.

I think we will have beef for dinner tonight!!!


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