Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bringin It.. sorta

Yesterday was a great workout day for me. I went for an awesome 4 mile run; despite my obvious need to get new shoes {my shins, knees and now my ankles are telling me so}. Then when I got home my husband and I did day one of P90X. WOW! I was so beat, I fell asleep while reading {Dr. Laura's "In Praise of Stay At Home Moms"}. I feel great today though; sore but great.

So where does the "sorta" come in to play? Well we can't find our P90X dvds!! We moved and we haven't seen them in all our unpacking. I am so ticked! I finally get amped about strength training {something I don't love} and we can't find the program?!! GRR!! So today I'm going to dig some more and hopefully I find the thing!!! We know the strength programs well enough but not the yoga, plyo or kenpo! MUST... FIND... P90X!!!


Nike Trainer

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