Monday, June 1, 2009

What a Workout!

Last night I went on a little 3.5 mile run. I ran the 3.5 miles in 33 minutes and had a .5 mile warm up and cool down on top of that. It felt GREAT! I had a bit of a stressful day and it was FABULOUS to hit the pavement and get some endorphins flowing! I especially love running past the canal and hearing the water, past crops and the wonderful smells, and of course past the fields of cows and how they turn their heads and look at me... some even say hello. I DON'T love the dogs that want to come remind me that I'm breaching their turf. I really should get some bear spray to show them a thing or two.

I've got my first 5K race EVER on the 13th; I ran distance in high school but I haven't raced since then! I am hoping to go run the course a couple times before; it's all up hill for the first half!! I think it would do me a lot of good to try it on for size!!! My whole family is running too; it's going to be quite the day!

Today I woke up and did the chest & back P90X workout with my husband. I am sure feeling it!!! I even took it easy {I have a lovely cut on my hand that is trying to heal and is still stinkin sore, darn box cutter!}!!

I ALSO mowed the lawn today. No I do NOT have a riding lawn mower {ok, yes I do but it's in the shop getting fixed} and No I do NOT have a self propelled mower. It took me 2 hours which means I burned an AWESOME 580 calories!! How SWEET is that?! Pretty sweet if you ask me!


Kim said...

Yay! That is awesome. Let me know when you are running the coarse. I want to join. Keep up the good work.

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