Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dam 5K

Yesterday was the big race! Our first competitive 5K; part of the Dam Marathon!!

"On June 5, 1976, the collapse of the Teton River Dam unleashed a savage flood which caused $500 million in damage, took eleven lives, and made thousands homeless in Wilford, Sugar City, Rexburg, Salem, Hibbard, Firth, Blackfoot, and Roberts. This tragedy was turned into triumph by the victims own faith and courage and by an outpouring of aid by many volunteers from Idaho and nearby states. For this reason over a thousand runners flood the streets to take on their own personal challenge of running a race."

It was AWESOME!!!! It was amazing to run with my family. At the very finish my dad came and we pushed through to the finish line. I knocked over 8 minutes off my previous PR!!! I was totally blown away!

It's a tough little 5 K. It start on an uphill and stays that way for a little over a mile where it dips down and around before it hits another uphill. After that it's all strait downhill!! It's a fun run! Travis' course starts out with about 1.5 miles of flats before it meets up with the 5K course. It follows it on the first uphill part but continues strait ahead for another 1.5 or so before coming back and finishing on the 5K course.

I started out with Dad & my sister. She dropped back with Dad after 1/2 mile or so. I thought I was on my own. Not long after my brother came running up and told me that he had WALKED with his wife already!!! I told him not to wait for me, so off he went. Right at the last turn my Dad came up and we pushed it to the end together {he was RIGHT behind me the entire time}! I think he let me beat him by 2 steps!!! It was really cool for me to finish with my Dad!

Here we all are before the race.
And AFTER!!My BEAUTIFUL familyMy Mom & Dad each got 1st in their age divisions. My husband and I took 2nd in ours. And my little brother took 3rd in his; though he came in before the rest of us! I came in with a time 28:38.8; only 24 seconds behind the girl who got 1st in our age division!!! My goal was 35 minutes!!! I am so PROUD of myself; I've been working hard and it's paying off! I am AMAZED at what our bodies are capable of. It's AWESOME!!! With my Dad and my sisterSilver MedalistsIt was a GREAT day! I learned a lot about racing and will be better prepared for next time! two major things I have to remember is #1. REFUEL and #2. STRETCH! I am HOOKED; I am hoping to get signed up for some more races this summer!


♥ sheena said...

isn't it addicting?! i love it!

good job too! all of you! that is totally awesome that your whole family did it!

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