Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pilates Please

Occasionally we like to change things up at our Turbo Jam session and do PILATES instead! OH MY GOODNESS!!! It is so hard but I LOVE IT!!! On Tuesday we worked our Gluts & Quads and I am STILL feeling it! One of our ladies keeps asking, "What is this GOOD for?"!! So I thought, hmm... lets find out!! So here's the run down:

An article on SparkPeople says:
* Its goal is to improve FLEXIBILITY and STRENGTH, creating a BALANCE between the two
*The overall goal is to make a TONED body without adding bulk, while lengthening the muscles
*It improves their COORDINATION and relieves stress
*It focuses on the CORE so it improves posture and eases back pain
*It’s something that can be tailor-fit to anyone’s specific fitness level, adapting as that person becomes more SKILLED and flexible
*It’s low impact, Pilates can assist the REHABILITATION process for certain injuries

WebMD says:
#1. BODY AWARENESS: you learn to read your body. How you sit, how you stand; the attention required in the exercises that changes your awareness of yourself.
#2. STRONGER CORE: Stronger doesn't mean Flatter!! We want & need a strong core... is a tree strongest in its limbs or in its trunk & roots? Flexible muscles are stronger muscles.
#3. BODY CONTROL: Pilates works the WHOLE body in synergy; which is how we should be moving on a daily basis.

Sounds good to me!! Feels good too!! We've got a WIN/WIN here!!


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