Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mind Games

There are a lot of days that I wake up and I DON'T want to work out.   The excuses start rolling in.  My mind starts going through all the things I need to get done that day.  Or maybe I ate breakfast and I hate working out on a full stomach so I put it off... but when I put it off it gets even harder to get in a good workout.  Maybe I'm sick and I'm convinced that I can't run with a runny nose {so not true}.  Or my muscles are sore and I think I need to have a recovery day.  I'm telling you... this is only the beginning of the excuse train!

I think that the excuses are even more dominant when I haven't worked out for awhile.  When I'm trying to establish the habit all over again {like right now}.  Once it's a habit, it's SO MUCH EASIER to push those thoughts aside and say, "Shut Up.  I'm Doin It!".  And then those thoughts GO AWAY!  That's when the fun begins!  That's when I get SO EXCITED to work out every day!  That's when I get amped to break a REAL sweat!  I'm not going to lie and say those thoughts are gone for good, because even then I'll struggle occasionally.  But that's when your body is screaming so loud for your workout that it drowns out your whining mind!

Right now I feel like I'm starting from square one.  I haven't completely lost all I gained the last two years.  But I haven't been going in the right direction.  I am a MARATHONER for crying out loud!  I have won races and ran farther than most people will ever dream of.  I accomplished more than I thought possible.  And I did it one day at a time.  One workout at a time.

Our bodies are not weak.  I have learned that you can push yourself so much harder than you imagined and your body will step up to the challenge!  My man in camo put his body through SO MUCH more than he thought possible during BCT & OCS and guess what, his body rose to the challenge!  It does not mean that our minds won't whine and complain and beg for the "pain" to stop... but it does mean that we are STRONGER and that we can OVERCOME our challenges and we can SUCCEED.

I've missed that.  I've missed my body screaming for me to Get Off My Butt.  I've missed that giddy feeling in my bones and in my veins that makes me just want to grab my Asics and start running just to see how far I can go or how fast.  I've missed race day morning and standing at the start line with so much pent up energy waiting to hit the pavement.  I've missed that good sore feeling at night when you know you've worked hard.

We all have excuses that keep holding us back.  We all have our reasons that we can't...WON'T!  And that's why each person has to make the decision themselves.  We all have to put our feet down and push those excuses aside.  Enough of the mind games.  It's time to show ourselves who's in charge!

I don't know about you.  But I'm going to go RUN!           


sara mae said...

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