Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This morning I met up with some new friends {both super cute Army wives Ü} for a great little workout!  FRIENDS.  That's my secret word! That's the word that gets me off my butt and EXCITED about a workout!   Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a good workout el solo.  But there is something awesomely motivating about working out with friends!  I am SO looking forward to meeting with them twice a week!

One of them is working to be a personal trainer.  We're her guinea pigs!  So what does that mean for me?  FREE PERSONAL TRAINER!!!  SCORE!  I am so completely stoked for this.  I get to get two great workouts each week.  And I get to hang out with awesome chicas!  Win/Win right?!  Right.  I'm squealing like a little girl right now!


Eluryahn said...

Dang, that's awesome. :) wish I had a personal trainer friend. Actually, and our family doesn't know this, but I've considered doing that as a career. Isn't the feeling after a workout just great?

The Paxton Family said...

WELCOME BACK! Missed you :-*

Horn Family said...

Are you talking about Kathia? Fun Cousin I am so happy for you!!! : ) Isn't funny how a good work out will get us super giddy! hahahahaha Good Times : )

Kim said...

Welcome back! But I am super jealous of your friends. I wish I was right there by your side.

Korin Lopez said...

Leslie I am SUPER excited your willing to put up with me while I learn! So excited that we are friends! I think you are super amazing!

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