Thursday, June 3, 2010

Track & Field

Tonight my kids had their very first track meet! It was FREEZING cold and windy. But they were excited and happy the whole time! These kids have been begging to run a 5K with me. I thought this would be a nice little introduction into racing. They did GREAT!

We talked about which races they wanted to enter and we decided to put them each in the 200m and the 400m. They also got to choose one field event so they both picked the softball throw.

They went out on the track to get warmed up and I got pretty nervous for them. Like I said, it was COLD and WINDY!

Enter Proud Parent:

My little man threw his softball 33 ft. He ran his 200m in 53.32 {7th} and his 400m in 1:48.77 {4th}! I was so proud of this little man for running that whole 400! He didn't stop to walk and he really pushed it! He did his best and he had fun! When he crossed that finish line I could tell that he left everything he had on the table. Exactly what we asked of him.

My sweet girl did awesome! She threw her softball 36.3ft {2nd}. She ran the 400, in 1:38.12 {2nd} and the 200m in 44.8 {1st}! What amazed me about this girl was we told her how to pace herself for the 400 and when to pour it on; she did EXACTLY what we told her! She turned it up a notch at 200m and started passing people, then she kicked it into 5th gear for that last 100m! It was a really fun race to watch!! She's so little and her short little legs were just goin... it was great!

I am sure proud of these two! It was a miserable day for a race but they had smiles on their faces and they had a blast! They really want to run more races and we're considering a kids triathlon.

Today we're starting a local Boot Camp for the family. It will start with a duathlon! Throughout the summer we're going to keep track of our water intake, fruit & vegetable servings, activity etc... keeping track of the points earned! We will meet every couple weeks to play soccer, volleyball, kickball etc, and end it with a second duathlon! The kids are all very excited. We're looking forward to having a lot of fun with it!!


Kim said...

Where did you hear about the track meet? I have been trying to get Lexi in one of those. Let me know when you hear of another one.

DaphneB said...

Wow that's awesome that your kids did so well! Absolute proud mom moment for sure. I can't wait to start my kids in stuff like that.

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