Monday, June 28, 2010


I ran my first half marathon this weekend and I am SOLD! I picked this half specifically for the view. It's right up against the mountains, running from one ski resort to another. The bus ride out was a little nerve wracking due to the RAIN! But the minute the bus stopped, the rain stopped!

There were A LOT of REAL runners out there that morning! EVERYONE I talked to has ran a BIG marathon {New York, Denver, Boston, Houston...} or qualified for one already this year. I was a little intimidated but luckily I had predetermined that I was NOT going to push myself super hard, I was going to ENJOY this run! And enjoy it, I DID! The rain made everything smell SO good! The lilacs were in full bloom along with wild flowers all along the course. We crossed the river at least 10 times. It was absolutely stunning.

To finish it off they had the best after race everything I've experienced so far! Finisher's medals were cool {they matched the sweet shirt}. The printed off a paper at the finish that had your official time and standing; I came in at 2:00:48, 29th in my age division. The food was stellar: bagels, fruit, protein drinks, water, granola, granola bars and PIZZA! Raffle prizes were AWESOME {wish I had won one}.

Definitely a race I will be doing again.

I'm half way done with all the races I want to do this year! The hardest half lies ahead though! I've finished 3 5K's, 1 10K, 1 Half and 1 Full. That leaves 2 10K's, 2 Halves and 2 Fulls!! This Saturday I have a 10K {a Freedom Run} and two weeks later will be my second full marathon. I'm kinda nervous about that one; lots of hills, on gravel roads. But it's sentimental and I am way stoked for it!

I think it's safe to say that RACES keep me running; what keeps you motivated?


The Paxton Family said...

wow! you are AMAZING! Great job with all those races! Way to push yourself!

Krystal Lee said...

I've registered for a 1/2 the end of August...any advice? And you're so right. I love summer races because it keeps me motivated with my daily running. :)

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