Friday, June 4, 2010

Cry Baby

Right off I better come clean and admit that I am only a recent lover of onions; in fact, I believe that that is the first time I have used the word LOVE and ONION simultaneously!! I love cooking with them though. I still don't like raw onions {unless they're in salsa}. At. All. BUT, I do love caramelized onions. A. Lot! So it evens out right?! Onions and garlic belong to the same family but onions only produce one bulb whereas garlic produces many small bulbs or cloves. I will try to focus on just onions but they are so similar to garlic that I may parallel them. They are both rich in powerful sulfur-containing compounds that are responsible for their pungent odors and for many of their health-promoting effects. Onions are also very rich in chromium, which helps cells respond to insulin. It also is a good source of vitamin C.
Onions can reduce blood sugar! Go HERE to read up on how exactly that works.

Because of the sulfur compounds in onions, it has been shown that onions {and garlic} lower high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure! THAT is definitely a good thing!

The website linked above also said, "Onions have been singled out as one of the small number of vegetables and fruits that contributed to the significant reduction in heart disease risk seen in a meta-analysis of seven prospective studies. Of the more than 100,000 individuals who participated in these studies, those who diets most frequently included onions, tea, apples and broccoli-the richest sources of flavonoids-gained a 20% reduction in their risk of heart disease." Pretty sweet eh?!

Onions have been linked to a reduced risk in colon cancer. And that's consuming them 2 times a WEEK! It has also been linked to reducing MANY other cancers!!
I love sweet onions best. But green onions are right up there too. They are great to have on hand to fancy up an otherwise boring dinner! If only for aesthetic appeal!
My most favorite is caramelized! This is how I cook most onions when I'm cooking. I cook the dickens out of them and then add them to whatever meal I'm preparing. YUMMY!
Support our onion farmers and go buy a big bag of onions!!


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