Friday, June 25, 2010

The G Series

During a race last year I took some Gatorade at an Aid Station and it was a BAD idea. My mouth was dry and my stomach cramped. So I have avoided sports drinks entirely ever since. Until the day of my marathon. I got a G Series Recovery drink. I liked it.

So tomorrow I am running a half marathon. It's sure to be a GORGEOUS race and I am more than a little bit excited about it. I decided to give the whole G Series a try. 01. Prime. According to the package it's loaded with carbs, B vitamins and electrolytes. It's supposed to be taken 15 minutes before exercise or competition; delivering energy and helps your body sustain its ability to burn additional carbs. I am going to try Fruit Punch.

02. Perform. I am trying G2 Low Cal {didn't notice that part} Blueberry-Pomegranate flavor. Loaded with electrolytes and carbs with half the calories of original Gatorade. I will probably take this with me on the run and drink water at the Aid Stations. On their website it mentions that the Low Cal is designed to deliver hydration to athletes during lighter exercise and competition so I may go switch it for Original G, due to the length of the race.

03. Recover. Protein and Carbohydrate drink, said to provide hydration and muscle recovery benefits. I love the sound of that! I will be trying Mixed Berry.

I have high hopes. I'll let ya'll know how it goes when I get back!


Josh Camson said...

After my first half marathon I few months ago, they gave out the recovery drink at the finish line. I have nothing to compare to, but I know that neither immediately afterwards, nor in the days to follow, did I feel overly fatigued at all.

Tiffany said...

Interesting. I would just be a little leery of trying anything new on race day that I hadn't tried on a training run. But that's me personally. I had a very bad experience with it once so I just don't do it. Have a great half!

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