Friday, July 31, 2009

It'll Stick to Your Ribs!

OATMEAL! I grew up eating A LOT of oatmeal {and Malt-O-Meal and warm milk with torn up pieces of toast but that's another blog}. It's one of those things that bring back a hundred million sweet memories. We've all seen the oatmeal commercials that tell us how great oatmeal is for our health. It lowers your blood cholesterol. The best way to enjoy all the benefits that oats offer is to eat 1/2 - 1 cup every day. Does that sound like a boring breakfast? Shake things up a bit and experiment with toppers. A few of my favorites are any combination of:
MILK {in addition to the following}
brown sugar & cinnamon
fresh fruit {or canned if I don't have any fresh}
coconut & chocolate chips
a scoop of ice cream {you have to INDULGE every once in awhile right?}

I also found a really cool website {}. It also listed the health benefits as:
* Oats help stabilize your blood sugar. You don't have the roller coaster effect!!!
* Oats contain phytochemicals that fight CANCER!
* Oats fight high blood pressure
* Oats are high in fiber; which helps bowel function {something we hate to talk about but something that is super important}
* Oats make you feel full LONGER, which helps with weight loss!!!
* Oats are an excellent source of CARBOHYDRATES, making it an excellent food source for athletes!! Eat them 45 minutes-1 hour before moderate intensity physical activity and it WILL enhance your performance!

One cup of Oats contain: {*** Nutritional Value is for OATS not OATMEAL***}
Calories - 607 - 30%
Total Fat - 11g - 17%
Cholesterol - 0
Sodium - 3mg
Carbohydrates - 103g - 34%
Dietary Fiber - 17g - 66%
Protein - 26g - 53%
Iron 41%
Calcium - 8%
Manganese - 7.7mg - 383%
Folate - 87.4mcg - 22%
Thiamin - 1.2 mg - 79%
Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids - 173mg
Total Omega-6 Fatty Acids - 3781mg {that is not a typo}

Oatmeal ROCKS!! Make sure to get more in your diet!!! Your body will THANK YOU!


Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

Go Oats!!!!

One of your greatest fans. :)

Kim said...

We love oatmeal as well. My kids especially love cream of wheat or as they call it "White Mush". I think your calories are off though. I think it is more like 300 calories for a cup not 600.

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