Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dang Dogs

Last night I was on a run with a couple of my friends. We've ran this 5 mile loop before and have enjoyed it without incident. Tonight was a different story. We live out in the country where there is no dog ordinance or "leash law". So A LOT of people don't worry about fencing their dogs, and to be honest if I had more land I probably wouldn't either! But, as all runners will attest to, having a dog come after you really is a crappy deal!!!

We had two dogs come after us at a corner house. The owner stayed where she was and SORTOF tried to call her dogs off. {I can guarantee that if those where my dogs, I'd be running after them and they would learn then and there that that sort of behavior is NOT going to be tollerated; though I understand that some people WANT their dogs to behave that way} We threw rocks, we yelled & screamed... but those dang beasts kept coming after us. They were about 5 feet away from us at times! Much too close to have a dog bearing his teeth, growling and barking viciously at someone!!! We managed to get past the house unscathed.

Less than a mile down the road we had 3 more BIG dogs come barreling down their driveway toward us. We were probably spooked from our previous incident so immediately started throwing more rocks and yelling at them. I think they were more coming to greet us than anything but we were pretty jittery.

I called the police this morning and the only thing they can do is talk to the owners and ask them to keep their dogs under control. I WILL be buying bear spray and I WILL use it. The police officer {who happens to be a friend of mine} did remind me to take into account the direction of the wind and it may be a good idea to close eyes and mouth for a second to avoid being sprayed yourself!!

Oh the joys of living in the country!!


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