Thursday, February 26, 2009

What to Eat While Training

I had a request. Yea, my first request!! My friend Nellie asks, "Do you have any tips on what to eat while training?"

Earlier I posted some AWESOME eating habits and tips so check those out HERE. I also went on a search and this is what I found. Go HERE & HERE for the full monty:

*TRAINING. It's SUPER IMPORTANT to give your body the fuel it needs. {Not doing so can slow your metabolism} so be sure to eat lots of fruit & nuts {great snacks} and also lean meats, granola, and veggies.

*PRE-RACE. The night before make sure to have a CARB LOADED dinner! I loved the idea of a PASTA PARTY. Drink LOTS of water {can that be stressed enough?} Have something light the morning of your race, something with peanut butter maybe. Second site suggests 200-400 calories 2-3 hours before the race. NEVER experiment with a food or drink on race day!

*DURING RACE. Stay HYDRATED!! For those longer runs you may need to experiment beforehand with some power bars or gels. They even suggest practicing drinking & eating during weekly runs.

*POST-RACE. Sometimes bananas or pretzels are offered {apparently}, GOOD IDEA! Make sure to have a carb & protein rich meal after you've cooled down. It's CRITICAL for recovery!

HYDRATION is SO IMPORTANT!!! Probably deserves a post in of itself!!

Hope this helps Nellie & thanks for the request!


nellie rae said...

Leslie, for some reason i couldnt leave a comment for a while...think it was something wrong on my end, but i wanted to let you know i appreciated you taking time to post about my request. it was VERY helpful! ran my 5K on saturday and I DID IT! i feel so accomplished since i have always wanted to do this, but never did...just signing up for the 5K was the motivation i needed to get off my butt! so, just wanted to let you know i love reading your blog and you are very motivating!!! good luck in all you do girly! i need to comment more, but just know i love reading this thing!!! nellie rae.

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