Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ab/Core Workout videos

Here are a couple videos to show you some of the ab workouts I do. First we have the plank. It was actually kinda hard to find a good video of the plank. I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with this exercise. I LOVE it because it really works those muscles but I HATE it; well not really, it's just REALLY HARD!!

Then there is the jackknife; which was even harder to find a good video of! But this at least shows you what it is. I really have to remind myself to breathe during this one. That and be careful to use my abs and not my back!

Don't forget to FOCUS on the muscle group you want to work!!!

I also do torso twists. I couldn't find the ones that I do with the wii fit but I did find some that I think will be better! I don't have a medicine ball but it would really make this exercise more productive. Finally a GOOD video for the day!


Nike Trainer

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