Monday, February 9, 2009


It's the beginning of a new week. Last week wasn't one of my better weeks; no real reason why either. So I went to bed last night determined to make this week a productive one! Well it's now 10:41 and I am lacking the motivation to run. I want to do my leg routine but I typically do that AFTER my cardio. Today is supposed to be a big running day too! My problem is this: running on the treadmill can be BORING!! So I like to watch the tube to keep me occupied {we watch very limited tv in our house so it actually works really well to watch while I run}. Well our DVD player is busted and there's NOTHING good on tv! So I thought if I wrote a bit that I could build that motivation up again, regardless of what is on the tube! {Or at least something good may come on}!

So last week was full of superbowl goodies, valentine's candies {this week will be too}, lots of snacking, not a lot of running/cross training. There was no snow to shovel. It was just kind of a crappy workout week. The changes in my weight/BMI showed too! Granted it didn't go up A LOT and it typically came back down fairly easily, it's still frustrating. Hence my determination to make THIS week a GOOD WEEK!

So. I'm going to go downstairs and I am GOING TO RUN! I'm going to do it regardless of what is on tv. Heck, maybe I'll try to read while I run; a lot of people do that right?! And I LOVE to read, so maybe this will solve that there's-nothin-good-on-tv issue!!!

This week I'm also going to eat EVEN MORE VEGGIES & FRUITS!! It's grocery shopping day so I'm definately going to stock up on apples, bananas, yogurt, maybe some grapes, avacados, asparagus {if it isn't too outrageously priced}... Good things to snack on rather than Amish Friendship Bread, Valentines candy & pie {yes pie, I got my hubby TWO pies as part of his 14 days of valentines, they're NOT HELPING}! And I'm going to throw a salad together with every meal; I LOVE a good salad!!!

Alright! Let's get to it!!!


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