Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shoveling Snow

We have AWESOME winters here; with plenty of the white stuff!! And we LOVE the white stuff! And since we're close to the mountains we really get to take advantage of the PLAY that snow provides: snowboarding, sledding, snowmachining... as well as playing in it in general!

But there's also WORK that comes with snow. SHOVELING! I LOVE to shovel snow. It's a big job to keep the driveway clear but I love every minute of it. Today I counted my shoveling as my workout; and believe me, it's a good workout! I calculated that I probably burned close to 400 calories! {You can click HERE to calculate how many calories you've burned doing various activities.}

Another reason I LOVE to shovel snow is that it's something I do to clear my head. So it's DUALLY-AWESOME!! Needless to say I get pretty giddy when it's snowing outside!


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