Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What You Can. When You Can.

Today I didn't get in a workout.  I was frustrated all day by that fact.  I kept trying ALL day but every time I got headed that direction, something came up.  That something was typically a child and 9 times out of 10 it was a newborn. 

How does she know?  It's like she has some crazy 6th sense and she always wakes up RIGHT then and of course she needs to eat, and have her pants changed.  She's a very happy baby and she doesn't cry but in my book it's CRAZY to have a newborn awake and NOT be holding that baby!!!  So when she's awake, all I want to do is sit and hold her.

#1 I wanted to run {slash walk}.  I had it all planned out that I'd run on the treadmill.  Then I had to adjust fire and thought I'd run after school with the stroller while the big kids rode their bikes.  Both of those didn't work out.  So we adjusted again to #2 a great yoga session for tonight I had in mind.  Kids didn't go to bed until 9:30 {crazy talk if you know us, bed time is strict around these parts and it's EARLY}.  Which is right when the babe decided to wake up.  And here we are at 23:30 and the little miss is still awake!  So now it's WAY past my bedtime and that yoga session isn't happening.

I decided to let go of all that frustration though.  I didn't get in a workout.  Sucks.  Not good for getting back in the habit OR back in shape.  But I did get to hold my little baby girl a lot today and we snuggled up for a nap that we needed after a rough night {not her fault, mine... I was having horrible dreams/nightmares}.  She's only going to be this little for such a short amount of time and this is one of my very most {if not THEE very most} favorite ages.  So I'm going to soak it in, relish in it, love every waking moment, not regret for one second or worry over the things I didn't do instead. 

I'll get those workouts in.  I'll get back in the habit.  And I'll get back in shape.  So while my baby is still a little baby, as far as my workouts are concerned... I'll do what I can, when I can.  Ü

**I did eat much better today.  And THAT is something I CAN do all the time!


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