Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Off Roading

This week has been BEAUTIFUL here!  It's been AWESOME!  I decided it was high time I went for a run.  I have been waiting to get the car seat attachment for the stroller but I don't want to shell out 90 bucks for it {that's almost as much as we paid for the stroller!}.  So I just reclined the seat as far as I could and strapped the princess in as best I could.  I think we're going to forgo the car seat attachment.  ANYWAY, I forgot how long it takes to get ready for a run when kids are coming along!  It took me AN HOUR to change, feed and dress them, plus get snacks for the little man along the way.  I'm glad though, it was well worth the extra effort!

This is where we ran {slash walked}.  Along the lake the entire way! 

 They were such good sports!  That trail got a little rough...
 I mean ROUGH!  Do you see those TREES that have fallen across the trail?  These were NOT the big ones either!  I was having to lug and pull and lift and push that double stroller full of tater tots over and under trees.  THAT was a major workout!! 
But the view was stunning!
 And it wasn't ALL rough going
 We saw lots of birds.
We got all the way to the end of the trail only to find that the gate was closed so instead of being able to make a loop.... we had to turn around and go all the way back through the jungle of trees!! 

I couldn't RUN the whole time.  I'm trying so hard to not compare myself with marathon self but it's hard when running a single mile is so difficult!  Frustrating!  Every so often though I would do log jump {instead of box jumps} and I did some push ups.  And one cool thing about being on an Army Post is they have PT stuff EVERYWHERE so along this trail they have stations to do workouts, so I did some monkey bars and incline pushups.  Next time I will try a few more of the stations {after I ask the man in camo what to do with them all!}.


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