Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Note to Self...

This family is a home cooking kind of family. We rarely eat fast food. Tonight we decided it would be fun to take the kids, grab them some kids' meals and let them watch a movie in the car. I know... thrilling!

Not. So. Much.

We first went to Sonic Drive-In. You know the place, where the car hops ride around on roller blades and greet you with a smile?! Yeah, that's the place. We {the man and I} have been wanting to try their new Ched 'R' Peppers Supersonic Cheeseburger. Then we drove across the street to McDonalds where the kids got themselves some Happy Meals. Yay {full of sarcasm}.

Check out this monster of a burger. I will fully admit that this beast tasted scrumptious. I ate 1/2. I ate all the free tots that came with it. No Soda. The kids were thrilled with their food too.

Skip forward about 1.5 hours. We are all feeling kinda crummy. The kids can't sleep; their tummies hurt. There was nothing "wrong" with the food {besides being loaded with calories}. But when you don't eat this kind of thing, your body is sure to tell you that it REALLY DOESN'T LIKE IT!!! We aren't puking or anything, but we sure as heck don't feel very well.

It's like a rock sitting in your gullet. It's heavy. It makes you feel sluggish. At least I do anyway. I was going to do a workout tonight... I for sure would be tossing my cookies after the first 5 minutes. Now I'm ticked. Next time, I think we'll head to Arby's or Subway!


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