Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So my friend has a pretty sweet hookup for GU {among other things}. So we all went in together and bought a bunch of boxes of this stuff!! I LOVE GU!!! My Mom and I are splitting these three boxes so we could have a little variety. So I added my half to my collection... I had to find myself a bigger jar! I REALLY like the Lemon Sublime; it's probably my favorite. Next fav flav's are Strawberry Banana, Orange Burst and Chocolate. I'm not the biggest fan of the Tri-Berry; it reminds me too much of the jelly inside a doughnut. I don't really love the Vanilla either. But to each his own right? No matter what flavor you like best these babies really are awesome!From the box~
How to GU Properly:
TRAINING: Eat one GU 15 minutes before and then one GU every 30-45 minutes during training.
RACING: Eat one GU 45 minutes before the start. One GU 15 minutes before the start. and then one GU every 30-45 minutes during the race.
**They also recommend washing it down with GU2O or water and remind you to drink 20-30 oz of fluid per hour during training and racing.

I haven't been using them before. During training runs I have used them around the 1/2 way point and again at the 3/4 point. I think that I am going to try their suggestion though. I have a PLETHORA now so why not right?! I do drink a lot of water though, so I'm good there. I have a 17 miler on Saturday so I think I'm going to take one before and take then around every 45-60 minutes, depending on how I'm feeling. Plus it also says on the box "GU Energy Gel. Superior Energy, Maximum Recovery". I like the thought of that!!


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