Thursday, October 8, 2009

Recovery Time

This week was initially supposed to be P90X Bring It Week!! It has turned into RECOVERY WEEK! Wow. I haven't taken a whole week off from working out for 10 months!! Double WOW! I listen to my body though and it's telling me that it needs a break!

See. My sweet little family had some AWESOME pictures taken on Tuesday {I will post a pic when we get them back; suffice it to say that they are totally FABULOUS}. My hot hubby and I decided to do some water shots. It was cold outside; 42 degrees cold, not freezing but cold! That water was snow not too long before!! We waded out waist deep and got some really REALLY sweet pictures!! We had towels and a change of clothes, didn't think anything of it.

We did dinner. Put the four sprouts to bed and whipped out PLYOMETRICS {a tough leg cardio workout}. I'm thinkin that was a bad idea! Both of us were really struggling. We didn't complete the workout and we have been SO SORE!!!

So I think the cold water combined with the intense leg workout was a bad combo. LIVE & LEARN right? My point though is A} LISTEN to your body and B} let your muscles RECOVER!! Know how hard you can push your body and when to back off! And what MOST people forget is that RECOVERY is JUST as important and working those muscles!!! You should NOT do the same thing {sit-ups, push-ups... whatever} every day! You NEED to recover in between!! And sometimes that recovery process takes LONGER than 48 hours {hence my week long-ish recovery period}! Listen to your body. Let it Recover!


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