Sunday, October 25, 2009

just another day in paradise

We just rolled in... well, awhile ago. I am so glad to be back!!! What an awesome week it turned out to be!! 4 days of driving {the sprouts were AWESOME and well behaved; what a lucky Mom I am}!!and 4 days of playing! It couldn't have been better. We had a fun dinner way out on a fishing pier in San Diego {it was yummy}. I snacked on pretty healthy stuff and had at least one salad for a meal per day; what else could I crave when it's so blasted HOT?!! We drank A LOT of water; bottled, that stuff they call H2O down there is horrible {I am biased though, where I come from the water was snow not long before it hits the tap and it's filtered au natural}. But I digress..

We first hit Sea World in San Diego. WOW!!! What an awesome place!! We walked over 15,000 steps {10,000 is considered "active"} which was nearly 8 miles that day. I LOVED Sea World. The weather was beautiful. The animals are amazing. It was FABULOUS!! It was after Sea World that we ate on the pier and it was so cool to be way out there in this little cafe. So fun {minus the migraine that my MIL had}!The next day we went to the San Diego Zoo. Double WOW!! This place was HUGE!! I could EASILY spend days here and never be bored! We walked well over 8 miles this day, up and down hills and stairs. I seriously couldn't get enough of this place! We headed to the beach after the zoo where we had a picnic and played in the water. Coronado Beach was beautiful and picture perfect! We had SO much fun there!The next day was exclusively spent at Disneyland! I couldn't believe this place!! We walked nearly every inch of that park, easily another 8 miles. We rode on rides and met a lot of characters. My kids had an amazingly magical time here.Final day of play: Disneyland and California Adventure. FUN!! Yet another 8 miles too! it got nice and toasty {91 degrees} this day. What a way to end a great vacation! So now I'm back to 37 degree weather!! I'm ready to get back to the grindstone and have a million memories {and well over 800 pictures} to look back on. And an added bonus is that I managed to LOSE weight too; all that walking and being conscientious about what I was eating paid off!!!


Crystal said...

Britt agrees with the water thing. He says it taste terrible and brings a case with him when he goes to Cali.

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