Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wall Sit

This little exercise ROCKS!! What I LOVE about the WALL SIT is that you can MULTI-TASK!! Set a timer for 2...5...10... {start low so you can build stamina and enjoy the success of holding it for that long} minutes and grab a BOOK or switch on the TV and ENJOY the ride!! OK so "enjoy" might be used a bit liberally {for some} here but I like to be POSITIVE.

Not HARD enough for you? Try putting an exercise ball between your back and the wall. Or you can hold a small weight {maybe 2-5lbs} in each hand and hold arms strait out in front of you. OR if you're REALLY looking for some BURN, try this one:

Now THAT is TOUGH!!!


Kim said...

Holy Cow! Those are killer.

Nike Trainer

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