Saturday, January 31, 2009

Healthy Eating

I hate diets. I hate the word DIET!! It's like a four letter word for FAILURE!!! Sure some diets work but forever? How often do you put the weight right back on? I will admit I've never actually been on a DIET. And I never will {unless, of course, for some medical reason my Dr. and I decide to do so}.

The key is eating HEALTHY!! Ironically, as I've been working out my eating habits have improved on their own! I crave more water, fruits & veggies {which I love to begin with}. But the great thing is, I HAVEN'T been wanting sweets &/or fatty foods!

I found this cool webpage that has 10 tips to healthy eating. You can find the whole thing HERE. But I'll do a sum-up.

* Eat a variety of NUTRIENT-RICH foods


* Maintain a HEALTHY weight

* Eat MODERATE portions

* Eat REGULAR meals {including breakfast; it is, after all, the MOST IMPORTANT}

* REDUCE, don't eliminate, certain foods

* BALANCE your food choices over time

* Know your diet PITFALLS


* Remember: foods are NOT good or bad

Eating healthy is all part of being healthy!!

Better Use for a Treadmill?

I can't get enough of this! I know it's been around for ages but I still get a kick out of it! Enjoy!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Did I mention that I'm running a 5K this summer? Not a HUGE feat by some people's standards but it's my first so I'm pretty excited {and nervous}. 3.11 miles right? It's not THAT far! I ran track in high school; the 800! Oh I LOVED that race!!!

What I'm most excited about this 5K though is the fact that I'm running it with so many of my family members!!! My husband is running the 10K; which starts 30minutes before the 5K. But there are 8-9 of us running together! My Mom & Dad, 2 sisters, sister-in-law, brother {and hopefully the other brother} and his girlfriend! WOAH! How cool is that?! There is just one of us who won't be there {my x-country running brother who is over seas serving a mission for the LDS church}. I am SO EXCITED!!!

The race is in June! WAHOO!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mountain Climbers

Oh Boy!! Definately give these a try!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Legs Routine

My legs always are sore for a couple days after a workout, just in time to do another one!! It feels great though! Especially when a big running day and the legs land on the SAME day!! OH BOY!!


SINGLE LEG EXTENSION. I think if I move more slowly and deliberately my balance is better. I think I'm doing 20 reps per leg.

LUNGE WOW! This one is a killer! I really works all your muscles in your legs too, they're great! Again, I think I'm doing 20 reps.

ROWING SQUAT. I do a lot of reps, well about 30 I think. Feels good!

ARM & LEG LIFT. This one falls under Arms AND Legs so I do it often. It works your glutes too.

SINGLE ARM STAND. Okay, I admit it. I HATE this one. But it's one of those ones that I know is working the right muscles. I still hate it though!

SIDEWAYS LEG LIFT. By the time I get here my legs feel like rubber! But I can't stop here! I've got Yoga to do still!!


DANCE. This one is so hard to do. I look NOTHING like the guy on my Wii Fit. I just keep telling myself that SOMEDAY I will!!

STANDING KNEE This one feels good. Stretches out those leg muscles after working them so hard!

WARRIOR. This is one of my favorite poses. It really works the legs.

CHAIR. This one can be really hard if your legs are already tired! It reminds me of squatting against the wall during basketball season. Oh the BURN!!

SHOULDER STAND. Here's that one again. I do it often; I'm getting better at it too!

TREE. This one can be tricky, especially with a tired leg to balance on. But it too is one of my favorites.

SUN SALUTATION. I love ending with this one. I always feel nice and refreshed.

The leg workout is a heavy duty one. And afterwards I feel pretty proud of myself. I've had to push myself and it feels good to know I'm doing something!!! During the summer I'll go hiking now and then for my leg days! I'm looking forward to it!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scissor Kick

I think the important thing to remember is to focus on the muscle group you want to work. Focus on your ABS for this one!!!

Rock Hard Abs

Great!! Four sets of 20-25 seems like a lot but I love that you can do this ANYWHERE!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Core Routine

The Core workout is definately a harder one for me. {Having 4 babies in 6.5 years is rough on an abdomen!} But it's a good one. I think it's going to take quite some time before I see major results but it sure will be worth it!!


PLANK. This one is a doosie!! So far I do pretty good holding it for 30 seconds. The next step up is 60 seconds {on the Wii Fit} and I'm scared to give it a try!! Whoo-ee, this is a good one!

TORSO TWISTS. This one I've definately got to do more reps. Diagonal twists are harder, at least while maintaining good enough balance on the balance board!

JACKKNIFE. I'm on 20 reps and it's definately a workout. Basically like situps or crunches. Haven't done the Jackknife Challenge yet but I'll have to start doing that soon.

SINGLE LEG TWIST. I'm getting good at this one. It's good for the glutes too! I think I do 20 reps of this one too. Seems to be my magic number right now!


COBRA. This one feels really good after doing those jackknifes!

TRIANGLE. I feel this one ALL over!

BRIDGE. Really works the abs, lower back, and glutes!

SPINAL TWIST I love this one. It feels really good. I could lay there for a very long time!

HALF MOON Oh I love how this one stretches my sides! It feels great!

After working out my core muscles I feel great! I always drag my feet to do this one but I'm so glad that I did. Again, no obvious change but I am definately stronger!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chair Dip & Tricep Extensions

I'm really excited about this Chair Dip!

I do these Tricep extensions one arm at a time on the Wii Fit.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Arms Routine

My ARMS workout is probably one of my easy days. Maybe I should do more reps! These are all done on my Wii Fit. But you could easily do them without it. One of these days I'll have to put detailed instructions for each exercise.

BOXING. 10 minutes, maybe 20 if I had a light run or XT day.


TRICEP EXTENSIONS. I do 20 reps with each arm. {Though really I should start to do more.} I hold a full bottle of water.

PUSH UP & SIDE PLANK. 20 reps here as well.

ARM & LEG LIFT. 20 reps.

PUSH UP CHALLENGE. So far I've made it to 30 push-ups.


PALM TREE. This feels great. Can be hard to maintain balance sometimes but it always feels good!

DOWNWARD FACING DOG. I can feel it stretching all over! My calves, shoulders, back, arms...


It's a good workout. I am feeling my arms getting stronger {regardless of the fact that I am lifting my babies all day long anyway}! I'm looking forward to seeing some definition!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Get Fit

Most people start off a new year with a lot of resolutions. One of those is typically SOMETHING about getting in shape, losing weight or others on those lines. How many of us actually stick to it though? This blog is hopefully going to help me {and whoever stumbles upon it} stay motivated to GET FIT!

It's not about being thin {in my humble opinion}. It's about being FIT! It's about being able to do things: Waterskiing/Wakeboarding, Hiking, Mountian Biking, Climbing... whatever it is that YOU want to do! It's about taking care of our bodies. It's about living a full and fun life!! I am no expert, but I am on the road to living a happier and healthier life.

Because of how I roll, I will not be throwing out numbers {how much I weigh, how much I want to weigh...} because frankly the number doesn't matter to me {at least that's what I keep telling myself}. I want to feel good and be able to be active with my family. Let me know if you'd like to join me {it's always good to get a lot of different ideas when it comes to working out}!

The biggest hurdle, in my opinion, is getting up off your butt and DOING SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING!! Find what it is that works for you and stick with it! Is it running {outside or on a treadmill}? Yoga? Aerobics Class? Going to the Gym? But do SOMETHING, EVERY day. Park farther away from the store, walk up and down your stairs a few extra times. Play Airplane with your kids!

Here's what my week looks like.

Monday: Run
Wii Fit - Arms
Tuesday: XT
Wii Fit - Core
Wednesday: Run
Wii Fit - Legs
Wii Fit - Arms
Wii Fit - Core
Saturday: XT
Wii Fit - Legs
Sunday: OFF

I typically run for 30 minutes {sometimes that includes my warm up and cool down}. Right now that's on a treadmill but when the snow melts I'll be hitting the pavement. XT {Cross Training} is also for 30 minutes, non impact. I use a Gazelle or stationary bike. Or sometimes I'll use a dance workout video.

I love my Wii Fit. It takes about 30-45 minutes to do a days workout. It includes strength training and yoga. But not everyone has a Wii Fit; so I'll be posting each individual workout later!!

Lets help each other achieve our FITNESS goals! Let me know if you'd like to be a contributor! I welcome your comments. And I'm always looking for fresh and fun workout ideas!

Nike Trainer

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