Saturday, January 17, 2009

Core Routine

The Core workout is definately a harder one for me. {Having 4 babies in 6.5 years is rough on an abdomen!} But it's a good one. I think it's going to take quite some time before I see major results but it sure will be worth it!!


PLANK. This one is a doosie!! So far I do pretty good holding it for 30 seconds. The next step up is 60 seconds {on the Wii Fit} and I'm scared to give it a try!! Whoo-ee, this is a good one!

TORSO TWISTS. This one I've definately got to do more reps. Diagonal twists are harder, at least while maintaining good enough balance on the balance board!

JACKKNIFE. I'm on 20 reps and it's definately a workout. Basically like situps or crunches. Haven't done the Jackknife Challenge yet but I'll have to start doing that soon.

SINGLE LEG TWIST. I'm getting good at this one. It's good for the glutes too! I think I do 20 reps of this one too. Seems to be my magic number right now!


COBRA. This one feels really good after doing those jackknifes!

TRIANGLE. I feel this one ALL over!

BRIDGE. Really works the abs, lower back, and glutes!

SPINAL TWIST I love this one. It feels really good. I could lay there for a very long time!

HALF MOON Oh I love how this one stretches my sides! It feels great!

After working out my core muscles I feel great! I always drag my feet to do this one but I'm so glad that I did. Again, no obvious change but I am definately stronger!!


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