Monday, January 19, 2009

Legs Routine

My legs always are sore for a couple days after a workout, just in time to do another one!! It feels great though! Especially when a big running day and the legs land on the SAME day!! OH BOY!!


SINGLE LEG EXTENSION. I think if I move more slowly and deliberately my balance is better. I think I'm doing 20 reps per leg.

LUNGE WOW! This one is a killer! I really works all your muscles in your legs too, they're great! Again, I think I'm doing 20 reps.

ROWING SQUAT. I do a lot of reps, well about 30 I think. Feels good!

ARM & LEG LIFT. This one falls under Arms AND Legs so I do it often. It works your glutes too.

SINGLE ARM STAND. Okay, I admit it. I HATE this one. But it's one of those ones that I know is working the right muscles. I still hate it though!

SIDEWAYS LEG LIFT. By the time I get here my legs feel like rubber! But I can't stop here! I've got Yoga to do still!!


DANCE. This one is so hard to do. I look NOTHING like the guy on my Wii Fit. I just keep telling myself that SOMEDAY I will!!

STANDING KNEE This one feels good. Stretches out those leg muscles after working them so hard!

WARRIOR. This is one of my favorite poses. It really works the legs.

CHAIR. This one can be really hard if your legs are already tired! It reminds me of squatting against the wall during basketball season. Oh the BURN!!

SHOULDER STAND. Here's that one again. I do it often; I'm getting better at it too!

TREE. This one can be tricky, especially with a tired leg to balance on. But it too is one of my favorites.

SUN SALUTATION. I love ending with this one. I always feel nice and refreshed.

The leg workout is a heavy duty one. And afterwards I feel pretty proud of myself. I've had to push myself and it feels good to know I'm doing something!!! During the summer I'll go hiking now and then for my leg days! I'm looking forward to it!


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