Monday, July 18, 2011


I have been making the efforts and sacrifices necessary to get to the gym.  Three times in a row actually!  And I will have you know, taking FOUR kids with you to the gym {where they are under MY supervision the entire time I workout}.  I dare anyone to tell me they can't make it to the gym, cause if I can with 4 tater tots in tow... well, you get my point.

At the gym I have been doing Cross Fit workouts.  They are tough workouts.  And I find myself feeling very self conscious next to my friends with their bigger weights and taller steps and whatnot.  I feel weak and embarrassed.  BUT. I am taking it easy with being pregnant and all.  I know I technically have been okay-ed to continue doing everything I was doing before.  But one can't be TOO careful right?!  So I don't do box jump, I do step ups.  I don't lift heavy weights {seriously, today was 15 pound dead lifts and Friday was nothing but a PVC pipe!}.  I try to listen very carefully to my body and not push myself too hard.  

I have also been walking on my treadmill at home.  I don't walk far and I don't walk fast, but I walk.  I have to admit that it is REALLY hard to not RUN!!  I crave it so bad!  But when I have ran {more like a jog}, my stomach hurts afterward and that doesn't seem to be a good thing.  So I walk.  I can actually read and walk at the same time though, something impossible when I'm running! 

I am at my most difficult time being pregnant.  The time when I don't actually LOOK pregnant.  But I'm too big for my clothes.  When people wonder, "Is she pregnant or is she just gaining weight?"  I am showing MUCH sooner than I have, at least with my boys.  I have gained about 5 pounds.  Recommended weight gain is 25-35 pounds and I can tell you that I have NEVER gained LESS than 35!!  In fact, with Tillie I gained over 80 pounds!!!  So I have reason to be cautious and concerned.  I am really hoping that staying active and eating right {I haven't caved in to my bizarre cravings as frequently as I normally would have} will help me gain fewer pounds but more importantly, get back quicker after delivery. 

Being pregnant has required that I make some modifications to both my exercise routine AND my nutrition.  I hope that it helps me exponentially in the long run!


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