Monday, November 9, 2009

Hot Bod

Okay. So since the move I haven't gone to Turbo Jam {SHOCK, I KNOW}. So I have been in need of something to replace it. I miss my friends from Turbo and don't think any DVD will EVER replace that BUT...

My newest "thing" is Jillian Michaels. I don't have tv so I haven't seen The Biggest Loser in AGES! But way back in the day when I DID see that AWESOME show I was totally hooked. So, at the reference of a friend {thanks Kim}, I picked up one of her DVD's and gave it a go. WOW did I lose some strength in JUST a little over a month of not doing turbo!! But it's cool, Jillian will have me back up to snuff in short order.

I chose her No More Trouble Zones DVD. I am at my goal weight but NEED TONING something fierce. This will help me get there. I have had her Fitness Ultimatum wii game on my wish list and I've been tempted to read some of her books.

Check out this video from when her Metabolism book came out:

Here is the "ad" for her Ultimatum. Maybe Santa will stick it in my stocking this year?

I like to change things up; constantly getting in to new workouts and exercise. It helps me stay motivated and avoid boredom. So this winter I plan on keeping up my running {as much as I can stand running on the dreaded treadmill}, and alternating that with clogging, Jillian's DVD and the Wii Fit {I hope to get the Plus soon}. The overall goal is to stay active and continue to eat well {as in healthy, not quantity}.


Kim said...

Isn't she a killer? It is a totally awesome workout.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Hi, just discovered your blog. I am new to fitness blogging and can't believe how many people are writing weight loss/fitness blogs.

Congratulations on being at your goal weight. Continued success!

Nike Trainer

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